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Sindoh A1 3D Printer(SLA) - Unique Scanning, Auto Resin Supply, SLE, Mounted Camera, Unique GUI, Ethernet, USB, Built in Wi-Fi, Build Size 7.87" x 7.87", 7.09"

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  • Prints with Sindoh proprietary resins, as well as 3rd party resins.
  • A unique scanning method is chosen to accelerate the print speed.
  • Safe and convenient auto resin supply feature senses sufficiently of resin quantity and if insufficient resin detected, it will auto-feed resin into resin tank from the cartridge by auto-pumping resin.
  • PC is used for operation progress monitoring and remote control using mounted camera. Many machines can be managed with 1 PC through a network.
  • Unique GUI design with intuitive icons for the convenient operation of different functions.
  • Ethernet (1G), USB 3.0 Device / 2.0 Host, and Wi-Fi are supported for diverse and quicker printing.
  • Maximum Build Size 200 x 200 x 180 mm