MJE Ink Cartridge and Ink Tank for Burroughs NDP 500/600/1150

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Innovative Ink Technology has developed a replacement for the MJE Ink Cartridges 10 pack. ( part 80-2084-871 )


You get 1 New cartridge with 9 Ink Tanks for Burroughs NDP 500/600/850/1150.

Also Included is a single ink tank holder or a dual ink tank holder. 


Easy Installation:


1. Install blue bracket ( That holds the ink tanks) )

2. Install Ink cartridge with male quick coupling

3. Install Ink Tank with hose and female quick coupling - twist lock the female and male connector this allows ink to flow to ink cartridge. ( replace ink tank when empty )


For a video that shows installation. please email us at sales@innovativeink.com