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FrameCad Ink Cartridges

Innovative Ink Technology

offers a Refill Service for your FrameCad Ink Cartridges



STOP Throwing away good cartridges into the Landfill

Each Cartridge can be refilled 5 to 8 times!

Save over 30% Percent

$48 each

Refill Service / FREE Shipping ,We pay shipping both ways

1. customer packs empty cartridges carefully for return. Only pay for the good cartridges we return back. 

2. Contact us via email or call 512-836-5308 we need your name and company information and how many cartridges you would like refilled, will email a prepaid UPS return label.

3. Once received will inspect each cartridge and fill will premium quality ink and Print test.

4. Good cartridges are cleaned and packaged for return. Will include a test print with each cartridge.

5. Payment, before return shipment will email an invoice for payment VIA PayPal or Credit card



Q - How long is the process?

A - 2 to 3 business days 

Q - What about quality of print?

A - IIT uses only use Premium Inks that have been proven to work in the Evolution printers

Q - How many times can a cartridge be refilled?

A - If there is care not to damage the print nozzle's 5 to 8 times, we only return the good cartridges.

Q - Will reusing empty cartridges void my warranty?

A - Absolutely Not, in fact it is illegal for a manufacture to say so!

Q - What are the benefits of refilling cartridges besides savings?

A -  1st your Saving 30% vs New. You also help by being environmentally friendly keeping the Ink and Cartridges out of land fills that can get into underground water sources and also save resources to mfg more! Currently there are tens of thousands of ink cartridges being tossed out every month!

Q - What does IIT do with bad cartridges?

A - We drain the ink out of each cartridge and dispose of the ink properly, the cartridges are ground up and recycled.

Q - Will IIT take are empties even if we do not choose to have them refilled and take advantage of the money saving opportunity.

A - Yes

Q - Warranty

A - 100% money back guarantee 

Q - Do have New cartridges ready for shipment?

A- Yes part number 4711BK-N  4711BK Digital Design / Evolution Series

Q - I have additional questions?

A - Email us at or call 512-836-5308

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