Bulk Ink System HP 45A Fast Dry Black - Versatile- Compatible

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* Compatible, HP C6119A Bulk Ink Supply with HP 45, 45A Ink * A print head accompanies each bulk ink supply system containing ink that replaces HP 45 ink, HP 45A ink, HP 51645A ink or MRH45A ink * This HP 45 bulk ink supply system contains 405ml of water based ink * HP 45 bulk ink supply systems are designed for printing on porous and non coated paper stock when utilizing HP thermal inkjet technology * These HP 45 bulk ink systems are designed for use on floor model mail addressing equipment and are not intended for tabletop machines * There are no dryer requirements * Perfect for use on a Secap, Marconi and Pitney Bowes DA400, DA80F, DA900, DA950, DA95F, W990 * * 1 Year Warranty * Made in America