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Black Ink Complete-BS1 Liter Bottle

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Ink name Complete
Ink part number Complete
Target Substrates coated & non-coated media
Fluid Base   water
Colorant type   dye/pigment hybrid
Drop volume   TBD
Drop speed   TBD
Throughput volume before cartridge failure up to 400ml, cartridge orientation downward
Shelf life single use cartridge   1 year from date of fill
Shelf life modified cartridge   6 months from date of fill
Runs in bulk supply station   yes, best suited for applications where cartridge faces downwards
Decap time   <5 minutes
Optical density   1.14 @ 600 x 300 dpi on bond
Operating Conditions   10 to 40˚C
Storage Temperature   10 to 30˚C
Additional Shipping Requirements   none

Recommended Printer Settings

Pen driver voltage: 10.2 V

Fire pulse length: 2.2 microseconds

Fire pulse warming temperature (on or off): Off

Rec pulse warming variable: 40˚C

Dryer assistance needed: Stock Dependent

Type: N/A

Cartridge Maintenance & Handling

• When cleaning the printhead, use a lint-free cloth moistened with de-ionized water.

• Wipe slowly and lightly across tip of the long edge with the printhead facing down.

• Forcing the wipe or using a dry cloth with scratch the printhead

• Using a cloth with lint may clog the nozzles

Cartridge Storage

• Less than 1 day down: Leave cartridges in machine and wipe and purge before next use.

• More than 1 day down: Remove cartridges from machine and place a cartridge clip over the head. Wipe and purge before use.

• Storing cartridges in an airtight container with a damp cloth or sponge, will prevent them from drying out.

• Using a cloth with lint may clog the nozzles