3D Printing Service


 3D Premium Printed Parts

 We have multiple 3D printers. For production runs and Pro-type development. 

Fast Delivery Times!

 Technology:Fused deposition modeling (FDM)  

  Materials : PLA - ABS - Nylon - PETG , Carbon Fiber, Metal  other materials in development.


1. We have fast turn around.

2. We can store your files and print parts as you need them.

3. Reduce your inventory.



 Requirements such as material, strength, surface finish, and other specifics can’t be communicated to an instant quote tool, and we feel that we can provide a better (and more affordable) quote to you by reviewing your order personally. Getting in touch will also allow us to help you choose the most affordable option to meet your needs based on our experience.

We provide free evaluation and a price quote for free, regardless of whether we end up 3D printing your design or if another manufacturing method is a better fit.

  Design Help, we have experienced designers who are experienced CAD, such as Fusion 360 /Solid Works

For a Free price quote and more information.

email : sales@innovativeink.com or call 512-836-5308